I love running!

I love running!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Getting into the cross training groove

It's been 3 weeks since I last ran and yes I miss it. Running is such a huge part of my daily life that it's removal has taken some time to adjust to. At times it feels like part of me is missing. The bone scan showed a hot spot on my second metatarsal head, although it didn't discern if there was an actual fracture, a hot spot still means to practice caution and let things heal. Fortunately, prior to getting the bone scan results, the decision had already been made to take a break so I was already in the "no running" mindset.

The first week without running felt surprisingly good both mentally and physically.  I made sure I rested lots and actually felt no inclination to run or cross train. My body has worked hard for me this year and it was definitely letting me know it was needing a break. It is very rare that I don't have the desire to run so this made the start of my break much easier. I am always amazed how much "free" time I have when training is taken out of my routine. I replaced that time with baking (one of my favourite activities) and reading ( you must check out Elena Ferrante's Neapolitana series).

I also headed down to San Jose the weekend of the half marathon, as my ticket was not refundable. I was hoping to take some photos of fellow Oiselle team mate Shaluinn Fullove but she ended up not being able to run. I did head down and cheer though as I knew lots of people running. As much as I love competing, there is such a great feeling being on the sidelines cheering on the runners. I felt so lucky to see Meb break the American Masters Half Marathon record, and was inspired watching so many different people achieving their goals. It was also lovely to spend the weekend with my fave girls Tash & Dayna.

As week 2 of no running began, the running itch returned. This is when it became harder. I find the first thing to go is the positive mental attitude and I had to work hard at trying to not feel sorry for myself. Surrounding myself with great friends and having lots of family time really helped me. Plus thinking about the challenges many of my friends and team mates have had with injury and recovery, reminded me that being positive and focused is important, and that it is possible to come out the other side stronger and more determined. I'm not going to say I am always positive, I definitely have my days where I am low, but I am trying!

At the beginning of the 3rd week I was able to start cross training. What a relief mentally that was. Just knowing I was able to go and move and expend some energy made a lot of difference. I've primarily been pool running and swimming, as with no impact this is the best choice for me. I have also done some light spinning on the bike, however, I am trying to limit the bike until my foot is more stable. My friend Dayna has lent me a waterproof MP3 player which has made the pool running experience much better and Dayna has been amazing about joining me in the pool. Keeping the pool running social makes it much easier. Thanks also to Kendra for keeping me company.

As I begin week 4 the pool running is starting to become easier as is the swimming. I am focusing on my core workouts, which I am adapting to have no foot pressure  (meaning no planks), and on my active isolated stretching and rolling. When I get the clearance from my sports med I also hope to add back in some strength training so when I start back running I am strong.

I know I still have a few cross training weeks ahead of me and than even when I start running again it will be a  slow, gradual build up so I am going to try and embrace this stage of my journey. This running journey is definitely full of ups and downs but I do believe it is how you respond to the challenges that is important.

In other news I have a new running relationship. Forerunners Vancouver, has partnered with New Balance Canada to support me with New Balance shoes going forward. I am so excited about this partnership, as I have known Karen and Peter for many years and we have worked together on previous fundraising runs such as The Joshua Run. They are huge supporters of the running community and I am extremely grateful for their support of me going forward. New Balance makes some fantastic shoes. My favourite shoe this summer was the New Balance Zante. Perfect for long runs. I've also raced my three marathons this year in the NB1400. I am excited about when I'm back running again in my New Balance shoes.

Thanks again to all my sponsors, Oiselle, Forerunners, New Balance, Nuun and Zensah for standing by me through this journey!

Also a huge thank you to my family, friends, teammates and coach who have supported me through all the ups and downs.
                Enjoying the sunshine in San Jose (the Rizzo bikini from Oiselle is amazing by the way )

                                                Doing some Active Isolated Stretching

                    Part of my Fall Oiselle Shipment. This cheered me up as it arrived in week 2

                                        The position I spend lots of time in to rest the foot

My new training venue!  

                                               Bike spinning, so sweaty even at an easy pace

                                                                   core workout